Pacific Point Preserve

About the Exhibit

Pacific Point Preserve is an immersive experience that has the look and feel of a Pacific coast town where guests make powerful connections with sea lions and other coastal wildlife. This new realm not only includes a brand-new show, but also features a significant transformation to the park's sea lion exhibit that allows guests to experience a more enriching animal connection.

The centerpiece of this new realm is the animals’ habitat. Guests have the opportunity to visit and feed sea lions and seals inside the newly remodeled area, and reservations can be made for sea lion interaction programs, an in-water experience offering the closest connection the park offers with these amazing animals. In addition, Pacific Point Preserve features all-new educational elements designed to inform guests about animals and how to protect them in their natural habitat.


Pacific Point Preserve features a new restaurant called Harbor Market that's unlike anything SeaWorld has offered before. The restaurant features café-style service, giving guests the options to choose among up to four different styles of cuisine, including Asian, hamburger sliders, freshly-prepared sandwiches and a home-style menu. You can also pre-order your food for quicker order delivery through SeaWorld’s Discovery Guide app (subject to availability). The restaurant is themed as a west coast harbor, which is where California sea lions are naturally found.


Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High,” stars the comedic sea lion duo, Clyde and Seamore. This hilarious tale is filled with amazing animal behaviors and splashy audience fun. Clyde and Seamore find themselves in slippery pursuit of their high school diplomas and judging from the slapstick, high-energy pranks and hijinks, there’s no doubt Clyde and Seamore will emerge as heads of their class following Sea Lion High’s motto, “Education through Exploration and … Imagination.” When joined by mischievous otters, a Pacific walrus and a cast of goofy human characters swimming along in the fun, it certainly won’t be a normal class.