Ocean Discovery: Dolphins & Beluga Whales

About the Show

Ocean Discovery is an enlightening and amazing experience featuring graceful beluga whales, athletic Pacific white-sided dolphins, and colorful macaws interacting with each other in a playful way. Focusing on the animals’ natural behaviors, habitats, history, and conservation, you will see trainers connect with these animals creating a ballet of beauty.

The gentle, mysterious beluga whale is one of our park’s most sociable animals. Born dark grey, their signature white color is actually a clever camouflage belugas develop by maturity, allowing them to swim peacefully in the waters of their icy arctic homes.

Nicknamed the "acrobats of the sea," Pacific white sided dolphins are known for their acrobatic behaviors and can jump up to 20 feet above the surface of the water.

Swimming together, the belugas and Pacific white sided dolphins create an awe-inspiring and entertaining experience that will hopefully help deepen your appreciation and respect for marine mammals and grow your desire to help preserve and protect wild animals.