Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High™

Put your flippers together for the all-new sea lion and otter show, “Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High.” It’s filled with amazing animal behaviors and fun audience interaction as Clyde and Seamore go back to school in slippery pursuit of their diplomas. From the hilarious, high-energy hijinks, Clyde and Seamore emerge as heads of the class. Don’t miss “Sea Lion High,” new at SeaWorld.

Leon is a male California sea lion.

At 6’8” Leon is about the height of a professional basketball player. And weighing in at 354 lbs, he’s bigger and cuter than any professional wrestler.

They call Leon “The Close Talker” because he loves getting up close with guests and trainers. He also has a thing for waving his fore flippers to get your attention. Leon likes to do everything quickly, chew ice cubes, and blow bubbles underwater. Like any 9 year old.