Camps and Educational Programs

Explore the Wild Wonders of SeaWorld

Are you looking for the coolest way to have fun this summer? Then welcome to SeaWorld Camp! Campers have unparalleled opportunities to connect with the sea while making lifelong friends and memories. Our counselors provide each age group with specialized activities to make our camp a truly unique experience. At SeaWorld, all campers are able to feed and interact with inspiring animals, including stingrays and sea lions. Each program takes participants behind-the-scenes to get closer than ever to the natural world we share. You will come home with a lasting impression of wildlife and a long list of favorites from SeaWorld Camp!

Educational Programs

  • PreschoolPromo

    Preschool (Ages 4 & Under)

    • Your kiddos will have an incredible adventure filled with fun, friends and fantastic animals.
  • 512promo

    Kids Ages 5-12

    • Explore the world of animals by doing up-close, hands-on activities - and have a blast with other campers.
  • 1317promo

    Kids Ages 13-17

    • Get an inside look at animal behavior and care, as well as an understanding of what it's like to work with animals!
  • CollegePromo

    College & Up

    • College-aged kids and young adults will have a hands-on experience learning the ins and outs of what it takes to work in the field of marine zoology and animal care.
  • TeacherPromo

    Schools & Teachers

    • Give your students a unique opportunity to learn about animal-related careers with hands-on experiences and opportunities to speak directly with experts.
  • SeaLionTourPromo

    Exclusive Park Experiences

    • Get a real insider’s perspective on the animal care and training methods that make SeaWorld an amazing place for animals and people alike.