Animal Careers: Middle School-Adult

About the Program

Give students who are interested in animal-related careers a unique opportunity to speak directly with experts about what it takes to make those dreams come true. Learn about working with and caring for marine animals directly from SeaWorld® professionals who have the pleasure of doing it every day. They’ll cover topics such as animal training, veterinary care and the importance of staying in school to be successful. This program is designed to for students in Middle School through Adult.


Animal Careers are aligned with National Science Standards and the following Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills:

  • Middle School
    • 6.12 D, F
    • 7.10 A, B; 7.11 B, C; 7.12 A; 7.13 A
    • 8.11 A, B, C, D
  • High School
    • Aquatic Science: 1.B; 3.D,E,F; 4.A; 10. A,B,C; 11.A,B,C; 12.C,D,E
    • Biology:   1.B; 3.D,F; 7.C,D; 8.B,C; 10.A; 12.B,C,D,F
    • Environmental Systems 1.B; 3.D,E,F; 4.B, F, G; 5.C;  9.I,J,K;
    • Integrated Physics and Chemistry 1.B 
    • Physics 1.B


Program is offered select dates throughout the year.  Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance and are subject to availability. Call our Contact Center at 210-520-4SEA for availability and to make your reservation.

Sample Itinerary

This program is 3 hours in length. During this visit, you class may meet with:

  • Animal Care Specialists
  • Animal Trainers
  • Veterinary Care Staffs
  • Aviculturists (care of birds)
  • Aquarists
  • Wildlife Rescuers


  • $18 per participant*
  • Must have a minimum of 15 participants

*Price does not include park admission