Sample traditional Mexican and Cuban food

North America has long had a passion for Mexican food, and is rediscovering Cuban cuisine. Join us on a culinary tour of two of Latin America’s most flavorful foodie destinations and sample some of their celebrated favorites.


Tostones with Garlic Oil
Deep fried plantain slices drizzled in garlic oil

Mole Chicken Fries
French fries, shredded chicken, mole sauce, queso fresco, cilantro & lime

Fresh sweet dough deep fried then coated with cinnamon & sugar drizzled with honey

Ropa Veija with Black Beans & Rice
Marinated beef brisket pot-stewed in a traditional spiced broth then shredded, complimented by a sweet plantain cup with arroz con frijoles negros

Street Tacos

Carrnitas street tacos topped with pico de gallo and drizzled with crema,

Mojo marinaded chicken with spiced cilantro cream sauce


Mexico Sunset
Caribbean Punch

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