Park Info

The following are general tips and information to consider before arriving at SeaWorld. Be prepared before-hand and make your vacation as smooth as possible.



Whether you arrive by car, train, plane or bus, SeaWorld San Diego is easily accessible.

Accessibility Guide

SeaWorld® is committed to providing all guests with a safe and enjoyable experience. Below you will find an overview of services and facilities available for guests with disabilities who are visiting SeaWorld San Diego. Please refer to our Access Guide for information pertaining to rides, shows and exhibits.

Insider Tips

Check out our Insider Tips for exclusive information that will make your visit even more memorable!

Food and Beverage Policy

Information that affects guests who wish to bring food in from outside of the park and our commitment to a responsible drinking environment.

San Diego Aquariums

If you’re passionate about the sea and sea life like we are, you’ll find some of the best aquariums in San Diego all in one single destination – right here at SeaWorld®.

California History

A lot of people think of California and instantly think vacation. And who could blame them? Home to Hollywood, world-class theme parks like Disney Land and SeaWorld, some of the best surfing on the planet and miles of beaches kissed by the warm California sun, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular family vacation destination.

Facts About California

From big cities to small picturesque towns, from boiling hot deserts to snow-capped mountains, from the magnificent Redwood forests to the shimmering waters of the Pacific Ocean, California, the nation's 31st state is one of the most beautiful and fascinating states in the Union. No wonder it's so popular.