Electric Eel - Coming 2018

Introducing SeaWorld San Diego's 2018 attraction - the Electric Eel roller coaster. Featuring multiple-launch elements, high-energy twists, and heart-pounding loops and inversions, this coaster will be the tallest and fastest in SeaWorld San Diego history. 

Multiple-launch experiences will propel riders forward and backward as they speed through the ride’s station house accelerating to more than 60 miles per hour in seconds. Riders then rocket skyward 150 feet where they will brave an inverted “heartline” roll and a twisting loop for an exciting feeling of airtime as riders crest the top before breathlessly returning to the station.  This adrenaline-pumping coaster will offer riders the only upside-down view of Mission Bay.

Prepare to feel the electricity at SeaWorld San Diego in 2018.