Teacher Resources

Field Trip Guides
Encourage your students to discover sea life by using their observation skills, reading park graphics, and interacting with kid-friendly SeaWorld Educators. Discussion questions address conservation issues and the adaptations and habitats of ocean animals. Use them to challenge your students and to make your visit meaningful and memorable.

Ocean Discovery for Early Learners Field Trip Guide
1–6 SeaWorld Field Trip Guide
7–12 SeaWorld Field Trip Guide
Splash of Math Field Trip Guide

Teacher's Guides
Teacher's Guides are filled with pre- and post-visit activities and provide additional educational value to your SeaWorld field trip. Choose the grade level and content that best fits your needs.

Pre–K Ocean Discovery for Early Learners
K–4 Science Activity Guide
5-8 Science Activity Guide
7–12 Science Activity Guide
K–3 Splash of Math
4–8 Splash of Math