San Diego Vacation Packages

San Diego Vacation Packages at SeaWorld®

SeaWorld Vacations are a perfect foundation for your family's complete San Diego vacation experience. Our unique collection of hotel partners offer variety, accessibility, convenience and value, making them the ideal place to stay and enjoy all San Diego has to offer. Choose from one of our featured packages below to get started. 

Build Your Own Package                               SeaWorld Animal Interaction Package

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This Package Includes:                                                             This Package Includes:

  -Stays at a SeaWorld Partner Hotel                                             -SeaWorld Fun Card
                                                                                                                                                -Stays at a SeaWorld Partner Hotel

Add to the Fun:                                                                          Add to the Fun:

-Dolphin Interaction Program                                                       -Dolphin Interaction Program                  
  -Behind the Scenes Tours                                                         -Dolphin Encounter Program      
-Strollers and Wheelchairs                                                         -Beluga Interaction Program
-San Diego Attractions                                                           -Behind the Scenes Tour
-Daily Parking Voucher
 Explore-this-package                                                 Explore-this-package