Meet the Team

Meet the members of the SeaWorld Rescue team who dedicate their lives to animals in need and learn what inspires them.


Dr. Christopher Dold- Chief Zoological Officer
“The most inspiring part of this job is the people that I work with.  Everybody that I work with here at SeaWorld  is deeply, passionately motivated to care for animals in every way possible.”


Dr. Lara Croft- Senior Veterinarian, SeaWorld Orlando
“I either wanted to be a marine biologist or a veterinarian, and then when I was 15 I realized I could combine both of my passions into one and become an aquatic veterinarian.”


Julie Moore- Senior Aquarist, SeaWorld Orlando
“I fell in love with these creatures, and I wanted to help them.”


Jody Westberg- Stranded Animal Coordinator, SeaWorld San Diego
“It was a moment for me when I realized my childhood dream had come true many times over.”


Jennifer Miller- Aviculture Supervisor, SeaWorld San Diego
“When people, especially kids, are inspired by animals in some way…that’s all I can ask for.”


Jon Peterson- Animal Care Supervisor, SeaWorld Orlando
Orlando “I love doing rescues because you never know what your going to get into.  You really gotta think, you gotta be me on your toes, you gotta be able to change.  There’s a lot of responsibility, a lot of stress to it.  But at the end of the day it’s what needs to be done for these animals.  I walk away proud.”


Pedro Ramos-Navarrete- Animal Care Supervisor, SeaWorld Orlando
“To know that I’ve been involved in so many rescues and rehabilitations and raised numerous orphaned manatees and then seen them returned out to their natural environment.  It is very rewarding.  I’ve been able to contribute something o conservation and to help save a species.  It is demanding but it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”


Matt Gutman

Matt Gutman is an ABC News correspondent.  In April of 2010 the BP oil spill dumped millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Matt was dispatched to the Gulf. It was there that Matt – who has always been interested in animals and the environment -  encountered marine animals in distress for the first time. Oiled Pelicans stranded in the surf. Majestic turtles that had gulped down oil. Orphaned dolphins swimming in vast mats of oil the consistency of molasses. Matt interviewed the rescuers determined to save these animals. He quickly became fascinated with marine animals and the humans dedicated to helping them.


So even before becoming host of Sea Rescue, Matt set himself first to learning more about these animals. He joined scientists who swim with the elusive spotted Dolphins off the coast of the Bahamas; he dove in with 16 foot tiger sharks off Bimini; joined researchers who study whales off of Guadeloupe by freediving with them, plummeted 6000 feet in a tiny submarine to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to investigate marine life with scientists, slithered with Anacondas in the estuaries of the Pantanal in Brazil, encountered pink dolphins in Brazil’s Amazon river, and helped catch invasive pythons and some wayward alligators in Florida’s Everglades.  


Since he joined the Sea Rescue team he keeps his eyes open. On the way to a Police conference in Florida he helped rescue a juvenile Pelican. He tries to assist the rescue teams when permitted, but mostly leaves that work to the professionals. Matt grew up with a loving but gluttonous mutt named - well what else - Snoopy.